KOMETA TECHNOLOGIES offers two complementary processes, installed in two projection booths, supplied with nitrogen under pressure.
Thermal projection devices – KOMETA TECHNOLOGIES

The systems are automated through their YASKAWA MOTOMAN robots and can be used in complementary ways to provide the best possible coating.


Accelerate a metal in the form of powder, until plastic deformation on impact, sufficient to create a bond on a substrate and thus build a dense coating.

Operating mode :

  • a preheated propellant gas feeds a nozzle,
  • the metal powder is introduced into this same nozzle,
  • when the temperature increases, the speed of the gas increases, which accelerates the particles of powder, the particles are then projected onto a substrate at a controlled speed and temperature, thus creating the desired coating.

The main difference with other thermal projection techniques is that there is no combustion of the throwing gases. The temperature of the gas is well below the melting temperature of the projected material, which avoids phenomena related to the change of structure of the materials such as oxidation or recrystallization.

The initial properties of the material are thus preserved (the microstructure of the powders is maintained) and the cohesion of the material is ensured.

Micrographics – PLASMA GIKEN

Controlling achievements through understanding and characterization of phenomena. KOMETA TECHNOLOGIES has a metallography laboratory suitable for the analysis of metallic projections.